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Phoebe Dick, Artist in Residence 2012/13

Residency Exhibition: 'I am Here'

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement :

Phoebe Dick’s practice is rooted in the ‘rich earth where word and image live in symbiosis’ (Dick 2013).

A love of narrative, sequentiality and pattern unify works in which the artist explores her surroundings and the ‘inner scapes of thought’ that emerge from them. For Dick, such practices suggest a ‘cultivation of these landscapes, teasing shoots out from scrubby growth, transplanting, grafting, hybridizing’. (Dick 2013).

Digital media and print serve as research tools that internalize these worlds as much as they are used to externalize her inner visions. Thoughts recur in different formats and contexts and go public as songs, drawings, prints, poems, or whichever medium is appropriate. The desire of the graphic artist to formally communicate an idea is softened by the sociability of songwriting and performing.

Dick’s interest in complex systems, chaos and fractals informs her world view and her work maybe likened to a mathematicians quest for simple transferrable truths, similarities and cycles. Personal experience and observation is distilled or expanded into fictions, or ‘gateway’s’, that open up a potential narrative - a phrase heard in passing sparks a song, a busy landscape is reduced to a single line of trees like a haiku on the horizon.


Phoebe Dick is from and currently based in North-West Ireland. After spending two years in Europe she returned to Ireland in 2010 and since then has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions and completed residencies at The Custom House, Westport, The Good Hatchery, Offaly, and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Monaghan. Her first collection of poetry was shortlisted for The Patrick Kavanagh poetry prize and she was also shortlisted for the Y-Tunes songwriting competition in 2011. In January 2012 she performed her piece “Like a Marble Rolled”, a contemporary epic poem illustrated with hand drawn acetate slides, in Westport, Mayo. She has a B.A. in Fine Art Media from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin which incorporated a six month Printmaking Erasmus in Poznan, Poland, and also has a FAS certificate in basic electronics. A self taught musician and songwriter, this facet of her creativity is becoming an increasing presence within her visual practice. Dick’s residency and upcoming exhibition represents her first public interface in an ongoing involvement with the Leitrim Sculpture Centre focusing primarily on developing the potential of the Print and Digital Media Facilities at the centre.