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Fiona Mulholland, Artist in Residence 2010/11

Residency Exhibition: 'Of things yet to come'

Portfolio of previous work


Artist Statement: Utopian dreams, fantasies and daily life are informing current works, oscillating between melancholy and humour; these sculptural forms are evoking a poetic yet essentially artificial world.

The starting point for current research takes inspiration from a series of photographs, I documented in a tower block in North Belfast and have helped inform this new body of sculptural works. I became interested in how this mundane liminal site became a vehicle for creating individual identity within an area that is primarily deemed 'public space'. I observed this space as the juxtaposition of public and private self achieved through the selection and exhibition of ‘functional’, yet often ambiguous personal objects and motifs and which have echoes of Freud’s research on the Uncanny…

The uncanny involves feelings of uncertainty, in particular regarding the reality of who one is and what is being experienced. […] It is a peculiar commingling of the familiar and unfamiliar. It can take the form of something familiar unexpectedly arising in a strange and unfamiliar context, or of something strange and unfamiliar unexpectedly arising in a familiar context.1

Further developing these concerns and visualising oppositional elements of urban existence, I am exploring models of ‘utopian’ design and their transformation through bricolage, the implementation ‘of that which is there’, using the concept of recycling. I am transforming local materials that have been altered from everyday domestic/urban environments into poetic yet artificial, uncanny landscapes, delving into several city's fabric both interior and exterior and cross-referencing conflicting narratives both local and personal.

Employing several disciplines from sculpture to sound to photography, Mulholland uses a variety of media in her practice. She has realised several projects in the public domain and has also collaborated with groups and individuals in certain works. Her practice is concerned with examining fragments of everyday life. Mulholland uses a variety of strategies to reflect on the paradoxes of the human condition. In her sculptural works she uses appropriated objects and universal symbols in order to investigate repetitive cycles. She draws on patterns in social and psychological behaviour, examining issues of identity and communication. Within this context the resultant codex often represents the private and social self, as well as the ‘emotional geography’ of a society addicted to self-actualisation.

Biography: Born in France in 1969. Studied at the NCAD and the Royal College of Art. (MA). London.

Exhibitions and commissions include: ‘…and if I listen in I hear my own heart beating…’ Cake Contemporary Arts. Co Kildare. (2010). Open studio exhibition. Centre Cultural Irlandais. Paris. (2009). ‘Winter Salon’. Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. Dublin. (2008). ‘What’s the Story? The Incomplete Picture…’ The Basement Gallery. Town Hall. Dundalk. (2007). EV+A, ‘Give(a)way’, Limerick. (2006). ‘For Every Action…’ The Concourse Installation Series. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Council. (2005). ‘Square Metre of Personal Space’. Permanent art piece for ‘Fused’, South Dublin County Council. (2005). ‘Oci/Eyes’- with The Metropolitan Complex, RIAI Gallery, Dublin, (2004). ‘Country’- Equrna Gallery. Slovenia. (2004). 50/50, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. Dublin. (2003). ‘Commemorative Tower to the Hobblers’- Public Art Commission. Dun Laoghaire. Dublin, (2002). Commission for Business2Arts/Allianz. (2001). ‘Things we do’, ArtHouse, Temple Bar, Dublin. (2000)

Curator- Sculpture Exhibition. ‘The Space in Between’. The Basement Gallery. Town Hall. Dundalk. (2008).

Residencies- Firestation Artists’ studios. Dublin. (2000-2003).

Centre Cultural Irlandais. Paris. (2009).

Awards- Visual Arts Bursary Award- Arts Council of Ireland. (2010).

Associate Lecturer. Fine and Applied Art. University of Ulster. Belfast. (2005-2010).