RESIDENCIES 2009 / 2010

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Yukie Hori , Artist in Residence 09/10

Project Statement

For me, an artistic residence experience is an opportunity to think, rethink and produce works in an unusual or unfamiliar place. The contact with new landscapes, cultures and other peoples points of view are, certainly, elements that can enrich the production of an art work. For this Residency Programme I am proposing a project connected with my own personal experience in Leitrim Sculpture Centre and its neighbourhood.

Project I
Structures to experience some chosen places in Leitrim [from outside places] Starting from daily hiking, I intend to detect sites where I can install a structure that will attempt to occupy, understand or bespeak some aspect of that particular place. The idea for these structures can be suggest by the place itself, by photos collected from daily walking or by the raw material (the remains or the ruins of uninhabited buildings, old furniture, discarded materials) that might be found or donated.

The structures must remain (if possible) in the sites where they were produced. The intention is to give a public use to those structures. This project arose from the perception of how people, using simple structures, could adapt the environment for their needs.

Simplicity will be the main character of the structures of this project. They will probably be related to the process of observing and the way we connect with the landscape. For this reason, all structures will be built on
the outside, in public spaces.

Project I - some sketches personal photo collection of simple structures

Project II
Structures to experience some choseN places in Leitrim [from private places] This project begins with a distribution of pamphlets:

The interventions will be free Contemporary Artworks installed in your home.

People interested to participate in this project have to contact the pamphlet e-mail to to book a visit in their homes.

Online it will be possible to see some examples of interventions without explaination of the concept. The intention is that
people realize the concept of interventions during the process of a structures creation. The residents of the houses will be invited to participate in this process.

All the interventions have to be produced inside people houses, it haS to be reversible (the appropriate locations can easily return to original appearance) and it will be constructed as simple structures that can become devices to experiencing new ways for people used those familiar places. Or, this structures will remain and will be held by houses residents.

The End
Without apparent function, the “Structures to experience some chose places in Leitrim” will be able to be the final product of my adaptation process to an unfamiliar and new place. As closure of that process, I would like to present an “exhibition” with a map that will allow the people to visit, on a day or period (a weekend or a saturday
afternoon), all the structures produced during the residency.

Portfolio of previous work


Born 1979 in São Paulo. Brazilian and Japanese nationalities.
Lives and works in São Paulo
Education: São Paulo University, Bachelor of Visual Arts - Media Art (2000-2004)

2009. Máquina (group exhibition), at MARP - Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto Pedro Manuel-
Gismondi, Ribeirão Preto. Curated by Sérgio Bonilha.
RIAA - Residencia Internacional de Artistas en Argentina - Cuarta Edición.
International Artists Residency in Argentina, March 2009.

2008. III Mostra do Programa de Exposições 2008 (solo exhibition) at Centro Cultural SãoPaulo, São Paulo.
59º Salão de Abril (group exhibition), at Centro de Referência do Professor, Fortaleza.
3+2 (group exhibition) at Centro Cultural BNB, Fortaleza.

2007. Oniforma (group exhibition) at Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo.

2005. Mostra Mediterrâneo: A grande linha. Project with marine horizon photographies (of 25
photographers) connected by a continuous line. At SESC Pompéia, São Paulo.

2004. Em Trânsito, exhibition of newly graduated artists by São Paulo University Department
of Visual Arts (CAP-ECA-USP), at Galeria Olido, São Paulo.
Prêmio Porto Seguro de Fotografi a 2004 (group exhibition), at Espaço Porto Seguro de
Fotografi a, São Paulo.

Edital Revelação 2004 (group exhibition), at MACC – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de
Campinas “José Pancetti”, Campinas - São Paulo.
31 artistas + 1 metrópole, São Paulo 450 years newspaper insert, tribute of Folha de
S. Paulo. Especial 16 (young writers and young photographers) of January 17, 2004.
Curated by Tadeu Chiarelli.

2004 Projeto Laboratório (group exhibition), exhibition at Annablume Publisher, São Paulo.
13º Visualidade Nascente (group exhibition), at Centro Universitário Maria Antônia,
São Paulo. Awarded to Visual Arts category.

Leitura de Portfólio da Casa Fuji (group exhibition), with photographers of Leitura de Portfólio
workshop, at mezzanine of Casa Fuji, in São Paulo. Curated by Rosely Nakagawa.
Urbanogramas, photograph book of eight young photographers. Published by law of
Culture Incentives.

CAP003 Mostra dos estudantes do Departamento de Artes Plásticas da ECA-USP (group
exhibition), at Visual Arts Department of São Paulo University ECA-USP, in São Paulo.