RESIDENCIES 2008 / 2009

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Niamh McCann , Artist in Residence 08/09

Residency Exhibition: August 29th - September 12th, 2009

Project Statement

Niamh McCann has used her time on residency to develop new works using the facilities and traditional processes available at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. McCann has developed works that combine constructed objects with the re-appropriated, offset by a newly developed wall drawing. As in much of McCann's practice works involve aspects of representation; the framing and construction of visual landscape.

Artist Statement

Niamh McCann's diverse and playful practice, which includes sculpture, installation, painting and video, explores philosophical riddles/conundrums through seemingly random visual juxtapositions and spatial relationships, looking toward themes of travel, globalisation and urbanisation within very particular social and political contexts.

Using everyday objects and images from the contemporary urban environment, Niamh McCann makes visible poetry of chance connections, whimsy and paradox. McCann works with found materials, industrial processes and situations - given logos, re-appropriated signs, newspaper montages - that she alters and then reconfigures to create works as alternate scenarios or landscapes to question the quotidian means.

McCann splices together references from intuition and imagination with memories of clichéd tourist and urban signs, all evoking complex discourse of representation and the real. The artist also plays with the complexities of surface in which diverse narratives and visual codes collide, slipping in and out of identifiable political and cultural affiliations.


Niamh McCann is an Irish artist living and working in Dublin. A graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, McCann has exhibited extensively in Europe, Ireland and in the US employing a variety of working methods from drawing to sculpture. She has recently had a solo exhibition, Purlieu, in the Green on Red Gallery, Dublin.