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Ricardo Marques, Artist in Residence 07/08

Residency Exhibition: 'Light-Sound-Colour, Embraced Together'

Project Statement

In 2007 I had my first experience of installation work, creating a 'Cosmic Garden" with Friends for Life Festival, Gort, Co Galway. The installation was created with the intention to stimulate the senses of people that, in my opinion,  are disconnected from the Earth.

We "planted" the Cosmic Garden around an old Oak tree using kaleidoscopes, dream catchers, rain sticks, glass prisms with water that created rainbows, a swing where people could bounce and a structure with wood, stone and flowers that we found near the tree. It was a beautiful experience and since then i have been doing different installations that explore further this early tentative experiment at the same time incorporating my interest in stone and wood.

For my residence at LSC I will create light, sound and color elements that are embraced together as a stimulation for the mind.

The elements of the work are thus:
Light : from  a video projection generated by computer that will illuminate and  give a constant moving pattern to the room.
Sound : the sound will consist of sequenced sounds from  ‘life’ that are mixed with the video projection
Color : the color will be present all around the viewer and is a complement to my  imagination
Embraced Together : points to the synergy of the three elements working symbiotically together as one.

My work tries to understand this synergy and, like nature, present it to the viewer as a total experience.

Portfolio of previous work

Artist Statement

My work is like a meditation for me and an opening of my soul to fellow human beings. By using primitive forms and carving techniques, especially in stone and wood,  I hope to  tap into a subconscious state of mind and body that, in working together,  create the form in the final sculpture.

My more recent installation work is  about visual stimulation and a reflection of nature. Here I try to create fantasy and connection across different elements such as sound, motion, colour and image and link these together within the viewers experience.


Ricardo Marques is a self-taught artist from Portugal who has been living in Ireland since 2003. He began his journey in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre, in 2008 and moved to Co. Clare looking for new inspirations. Marques explores feelings and emotions to create abstract and organic forms in different  media, mainly using stone and wood.  His more recent work is an experimental series of installations that attempt to integrate forms of motion, color, and sound within a symbiotic whole.