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Mari-Aymone Djeribi, Artist in Residence 07/08

Residency Exhibition: 'Local Hands'

Project Statement

Phase 1 - The Film
A film closely investigating the relationships beween some of my neighbours and their land.  The people inhabiting the landscape make marks on its surface, digging trenches, making paths, building houses and sheds, planting trees.  Moving to very rural Leitrim seven years ago, slowly making my own marks on the land, I was reminded of the Third Policeman by Flann O Brien where the relationship of the man and his bicycle is described as an exchange of molecules between human and machine.  In time, through this molecular osmosis, both become part of one another.

In LOCAL HANDS I will be filming the hands of some of my neighbours, as they talk about their work, the work they enjoy, the chores they dread, the injuries their hands have sustained.

As men and women drew their own lines and patterns on the surface of their corner of the earth, their work marked lines and patterns on their hands.  Through their work, the exchange of molecules is taking place between humans and earth.

Phase 2
Procurement and conversion of a caravan into a mini mobile cinema with tea-making facilities.

Phase 3
Touring and showing the film around leitrim, (most likely in the presence of one of the people involved) followed by tea, biscuits and discussions about rural life(documented).  We will aim here to feed into one form of cultural life that took place in rural Ireland before the arrival of electricity and television which would have seen neighbours gathering in one or other’s kitchen for games, chats, music or story-telling.  This mini version of the glorious Leitrim county council mobile cinema will aim to target very isolated people that may not, like my immediate neighbour have a means of transportation apart from a strong pair of legs and a little-used bicycle and may not feel cinema going would be ‘for him’.

Exhibition of mini-mobile cinema and showing of the film, with documentation of its peregrinations and spectators.


Djeribi is an artist, farmer and baker. Originally from Paris, she moved to Dublin in 1990 and to south Leitrim in 1999 to a hand-built house of timber and strawbales. Together with her two home-schooled small children she farms just under five acres, tending goats, ducks, cats, chickens, a donkey, a kitchen garden and a lot of trees. She values the engagement with her community as a resident and as an artist—aiming to work with some and engage others.

Djeribi bakes sourdough bread and French pâtisseries weekly and she sells them in Knockvicar organic community garden, where she is self-appointed artist in residence (for part of her current Silent Protest project), in nearby county Roscommon, on saturdays []. On the edible front Djeribi also puts up regular temporary food art performances at the Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon.

mermaid turbulence [] her publishing project started in 1993. Although some books are commercially printed, she mostly works by hand and with a few tools, printing—digitally or with a 19th-century letterpress—and binding. mermaid turbulence books are widely collected and exhibited.

A lot of her work is concerned with the examination of the processes of hoarding and collecting :?a number of her books are exploring this issue Hoarders Collectors, Good Things or 77 reasons to be still alive today, Kitchen Type, Concentrated Goodness, also Wardrobing Remnants (installation, project arts centre).

For the past couple of years she has also focused on the marks and lines that are found or made on the land and the maps that we make to pretend to an understanding (see Lines of Going (installation, Artist as Traveller, Boyle, 2005), or the book Far be it from home), her current film in progress, Local Hands is part of that exploration.

Her first film, Mandarines, was premiered in Budapest in April 2007 where she was invited by the Central European University, and to give a lecture and a workshop.


Some public collections (artists books)

The Tate Gallery, Artists Book Collection, London, England
Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Bibliotheque Kandinsky, Paris
Collection de livres d,artistes du Musee Royal de Mariemont, Belgium
The Irish `National Visual Arts Library, Dublin, Ireland
Special Collections, Dublin City Libraries, Dublin, Ireland

Repetivity (2000), Southhampton and touring UK
Artists – Books(2004), Workroom, Dublin and Niland Model Arts Gallery, Sligo
Workroom Press Show (2005), Workroom, Dublin
Sitting Room (2006-07), London, Bristol and touring UK


Wardrobing Remnants, Project Arts Centre, Dublin 2001 published 2006
Lines of going, Trunk Show, travelling exhibition, King House, Boyle 2004 and Sirius, Cork 2005
Life in Ireland, Part 1: the Countryside ( with Dominic Stevens) the Dock, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim 2006


A rural lexicon ( with Dominic Stevens) Glor, Ennis 2006 and Central European University, Budapest 2007
Hoarding of collecting? Manchester Metropolitan University 2006


Mandarines 2007


Grizedale Arts Centre, with the Ground Up collective 2007


Art in Stall (in development, 2008) commissioning contemporary art installations within a weekly market