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Dorothee Kolle , Artist in Residence 06/07

Residency Exhibition: 'Works in Plastic'

Project Statement -

My current art practice is characterized by the search to express movement, lightness, transparency and colour through a process of destruction and reconstruction or creation, going beyond the traditional painting support and incorporating different materials.

I play with different elements such as the given form of boxes, paper, string, plastic in various forms, found and recycled materials and residues of previous artistic work. In combining and arranging these I hope to challenge preconceptions of what we mean by our environment; what are its effects and material formation. The work is a constant juggling between flexibility, openness, control and boundaries and I think these are important elements in individual and social relationships as well.

Although I often have my own personal associations with various materials, shapes, colours or specific arrangements, I want to leave it open to the viewer to discover the pieces as a visual experience, draw their own conclusions or fill it with meaning.

My latest work combines cellophane, PVC  and clear Polycarbonate in connection with my search for lightness and transparency. Polycarbonates are a particular group of thermoplastics. They are polymers having functional groups linked together by carbonate groups (-O-CO-O-) in a long molecular chain. Because of its specific characteristics (lightness, transparency, light transmission, easy bending and moulding without breaking) polycarbonate is widely used in modern industries. Some of the products are windows, lenses, DVD’s, food storage, plastic bottles, gas and water supply systems, cars and medical protheses. The dependency on oil in the production of this material raises environmental issues concerning not only waste, sustainability and recycling of this material but also how it forms such an increasing part of our everyday surroundings through architecture, furniture, computers, cars etc etc. and so re-defines what we mean by a landscape.

Portfolio of previous work


Dorothee Kolle participated in the Sculpture Course in Manorhamilton and studied Fine Art at IT Sligo, where she received the B.A. (hons) in 2005.
Since 1991 she exhibited in numerous group shows in Ireland.

Amongst them 1991 and 2001 IONTAS, Sligo Art Gallery,1996 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin and 1998 and 2004 invited artist for the Christmas Exhibition, Sligo Art Gallery.

She was awarded the Glebe Gallery Prize 1997 by Derek Hill and a residency for The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in 2005.  Selected Artist in residency programme at Leitrim Sculpture Centre 2006. Member of IVARO.