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Angela Conte , Artist in Residence 06/07

Residency Exhibition: 'Inside Outside'

Project Statement                                                                         

Angella Conte from Sao Paulo, Brasil, spent three months working at Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim.

Continuing the project "Discarded Series", which she started three years ago, Angela’s work takes on a greater dimension passing from abandoned objects to an abandoned property, i.e. a 150 year old hotel called Sheehan’s in the centre of the town.  Every detail of this property has been thoroughly observed and registered and much of the material was rescued from oblivion and transformed into new works to be shown within the poetic spaces of the old building. 

The project entitled "Inside - Outside" and as the artist states, “the idea took form while I saw a building consumed by time and waiting for its restoration. The building contains an enormous abundance of material to be worked on: various layers of paint peeled from its walls; open doors revealing intimacies; closets and cupboards that, although empty, retain a mixture of scents that permeated them during the passage of time.  The handrail of the stairs and steps are marked by long usage; windows that allow the external light to enter but obstruct the clearness of visualization. All of these qualities contain an indescribable energy. Throughout its history, how many stories were lived there, how many secrets were hidden between its walls that separate two worlds, the one inside and the other outside?  My proposal deals with the notion of inside and outside by interfacing both environments - one occupying the space of the other, thus merging both sides.

In this way the situations are being reversed, taking inside actions to the outside and vice versa. The inside has the connotations of warmth, comfort, well-being, safeness, protection, dimness, intimacy, secrets, and introspection.  The outside, means the cold, wideness, brightness, adventure, the unknown, risk, and freedom….”

The project develops several techniques and will include Photos, video, performance, urban interference, installation, objects, and large format sculpture. 

Portfolio of previous work



Born in Jaboticabal, São Paulo - Brazil

Graduated in:
•           Psychology – São Marcos University, São Paulo

•           Free drawing, Prof. Guiomar Sgarbosa
•           Interior Design, Escola Panamericana de Artes
•           Restoration, Ateliê Mitsuuchi
•           Sculpture and modeling, Ateliê Simone Grecco
•           O exercício do olhar contemporâneo [Exercising contemporary vision] – Mube - Museu da Escultura
•           História da Arte [Arts History], Organização Paulista de Arte - OPA
•           How to Understand a Work of Art
•           Ceramics and mosaic studios
•           Marble sculpture Cevalor-Borba-Portugal

Research and study visits to 12 countries:
•           Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, United States, France, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Uruguay.

Professional activities related to art:
•           Restoration of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo
•           Cultural assessor of the Organização Paulista de Arte - São Paulo


2005 - XIII-International Biennial of V.N. Cerveira-Portugal
2005 – Art Project 924 - Badajóz-Spain
2005 - III International Simposium of sculpture - Borba-Portugal
2005 – Collective – International Fine Arts -Sesimbra-Portugal
2004 – Individual – “Forma e Harmonia” Studio Angela Conte - Rua Lisboa-S.P. 
2003 - XII SABBART- Art Salon-Secretariat of Culture of Ribeirão Preto-SP. 
2003 – In conjunction with Esther Maria - Hotel Sofitel São Paulo-SP.    
2002 – Individual – "Reflexão" - Alto dos Pinheiros Club – S.P.
2001 - Collective - “Troféu Aplauso” – SATED/SP – Sesc Pompéia – S.P.
2001 - Individual - “Espelho D’Alma” – Municipal Chamber of Aveiro - Portugal
2001 - Individual – Opening of the “Studio Angela Conte” - Rua Lisboa - S.P.
2000 - Individual - “Retrospective” - Cultural Salon Hospital das Clínicas-FMUSP - S.P.
2000 - Individual - “Moments’’ - Alto dos Pinheiros Club - S.P.
2000 - Individual - “Totens da Memória” - Municipal Library Alceu Amoroso Lima - S.P.
1999 - Individual – “Totens da Memória” – Salon Lorena - S.P.
1999 - Individual – “Totens da Memória” - Ipê Club - S.P.
1999 - Collective - Paineiras Club in Morumby - S.P.
1999 – First exhibition of the Cultural Center of Aricanduva - S.P.
1999 – 2nd Fine Arts Salon Volkswagen Clube - São B. do Campo - S.P.
1998 - Collective - 15ª Bienal Internacional do Livro - S.P. [15th Biannual International Book Fair]
1997 - 1o Salão de Artes Plásticas da Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas - S.P. [1st Fine Arts Salon]
1996 - Collective - Simone Grecco Atelier - S.P.

Works in public collections:

•           Cãmara Municipal de Borba  [Municipal Chamber of Borba] Portugal
•           Câmara Municipal de Aveiro [Municipal Chamber of Aveiro] Portugal
•           Teatro Aveirense – Portugal [Aveiro Theater]

Registered in Paletas 98.

Angela Conte
Rua Lisboa, 285 – CEP 05413-000
São Paulo (SP) - Brasil
Tel./Fax: 55 11 3891-1714
E-mail: angelaconte@
Europe-Tel. 00 351 9600 46746