RESIDENCIES 2006 / 2007

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Yvonne Cullivan, Artist in Residence 07

Residency Exhibition: 'Lost in Lovely Leitrim'

Project Statement

My work evolves from a contemplation of transformation. Change may be occurring in an immediate sense; physical, emotional, cerebral, or in the external environment; social, geographical, cultural. There is also a reflection of time; evolution and transformation over time, acclimatization. Adaptation may follow at a slower, more subconscious pace to the transforming stimulus. My work bears witness to this cyclical process of change and adjustment to change; it observes, documents, quietly comments. There is a meditative quality present which is borne of a slow and thorough observation over time and which requests a similar quality of deliberation from its audience. In this manner, I attempt to create space and time for the act of contemplation itself.

The work also attempts a sense of personal or social narrative or history. From time to time in its formation, it will reach beyond the mobile studio to engage directly with the community and locality. The media used vary and are chosen for suitability of expression, however the manner in which they are employed is of a pattern. The subject of a print may be revealed through a tedious and time-consuming burnishing of scored surface, of a painting through a myriad of transparent layers, of audio with the overlapping of voice in meandering conversation, of video with silences resulting from prolonged periods of standing and watching. Visual qualities hark back to chiaroscuro, abstract and clarify in tandem, create an illusion of depth and of enclosure.


Born in Cavan in 1976. Graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Art and Design from Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology in 1998 and subsequently from Crawford College of Art in 1999 with a Degree in Fine Art Printmaking. Completed an M.Sc. in Multimedia at Dublin City University in 2001.

Has exhibited nationally in group and solo exhibitions since graduating in 1998, including Iontas Small Works, Galway Arts Centre, Millennium Court, Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Graphics Studio and in the 411 Galleries in China. Has undertaken studio, schools and community based residencies in association with Craigavon County Council, The Ark Cultural Centre for Children, Kid’s Own Publishing Partnership, Leitrim County Council and Cavan County Council, including studio bursaries to The Tyrone Guthrie Centre and Masia Can Serrat, Spain.
Has worked as a tutor and visiting lecturer in Media and in Fine Arts with the VEC and NCAD.