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Artist Title Opening Ends
Various 'North West Open Christmas Show' Friday 4th December Thursday 14th January

Gavin Porter

'Journey of a Fruit Fly' Friday 23rd November

Saturday 28th November

Jessica Lloyd-Jones 'At the Edge of Light and Darkness' Friday 16th October Thursday 5th November
Susanne Bosch 'FROM I TO WE' Friday 18th September Saturday 3rd October
Anna Macleod 'Staid na Talún- A State of Land' Friday 21st August Friday 4th September
Pauline O'Connell, Simon Carman and Helen Sharp 'Art & Agriculture II' Saturday 25th July Thursday 6th August
Students of Sligo IT '[Insert_Title]' Saturday 6th June Sat 13th June
Tomasz Matuszak 'NOT QUITE RIGHT' Friday 8th May Thur 28th May
Brigitta Varadi 'MARKINGS' Friday 10th April Monday 27th April
Various 'Expanded Territories' Friday 13th March Friday 27th March
Students of St. Clare's Comprehensive School 'Growing Artists IV' Friday 26th February Saturday 14th February
Seamus Dunbar 'The Lost and Found Office' Friday 30th January Saturday 14th February