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Artist: Elizabeth McTiernan, Artist in Residence 2014

Title of Exhibition: 'The Artificial Magic of the Wondrous Effects of Optics Through Direct Vision' - translated from Jean-François Niceron's treatise on perspective, La perspective curieuse ou Magie artificielle des effets merveilleux de l'optique par la vision directe [1638]

Date: Friday 10th Oct - 30th Oct

Exhibition Images:

About the Exhibition: Using geological and astronomical events as found footage of the world, artist Elizabeth McTernan constructs a space that is both literal and literary, staging reality in what she calls non-vicarious encounters. Her aim is to create a narrative structure for the reconsideration of perception and measurement. The art works navigate representational and conceptual rifts in the Earthling day-to-day via direct bodily gesture in the liminal passages of temporal geographies and the giant map that is human Knowledge.

Within the context of this exhibition, the artist uses 'life-size' drawings and installations to dissolve the space between map and territory, posing the question: Is there such thing as direct vision – unmediated, embodied knowledge? If so, what are its limits? Her measurements of the ground underfoot are so impractical as to unsettle the so-called objectivity of quantification. Just as each word of Niceron's title seems to negate the last, every step of measuring a dynamic coastline undoes the past. We could simply boil it all down to 'seeing', but it is within these intervals that meaning swells.

Biography: Since 2003, Elizabeth McTernan has been pursuing overland exploration in North America, Europe, Russia, and Central & Southeast Asia, processing it via actions, installation, drawing, lithography, sound, and storytelling. McTernan's interdisciplinary work has been exhibited internationally since 2005. Recent awards include the 2013 Danish International Visiting Artist grant, the 2012 Wassaic Project Education Fellowship, and a special project at the Karen Blixen Museum, 2013. In 2014, she is mounting solo exhibitions at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Ireland and at Gold + Beton in Cologne, as well as speaking at symposiums in Nida, Lithuania and in Reykjavik, Iceland. She was recently a featured artist in Sleek Magazine and will be an artist in residence at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania in 2015. Elizabeth currently lives, works, and walks in Berlin. More: www.astheworldtilts.com