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Artist Title Opening Ends
Leitrim Livecraft Showcase Thurs, 12th December  
LOCIS.EU 'LOCIS / IRELAND 'SECOND [SIT'' Thurs, 14th November  
Ruth Le Gear 'Polar Forces: the universe of an iceberg' Fri, 11th October Wed, 30th October
Walker and Walker 'In the air' Fri, 6th September Thurs, 26th September
Liz Byrne 'Drawing Together' Fri, 16th August, 4pm Mon, 19th August
Helen Sharp 'Museum of the Sentient' Fri, 26th July, 4pm Sat, 10th August
Various 'Against the Grain, Art and Agriculture I' Sat, 27th July, 4pm Sat, 10th August
Phoebe Dick 'Phoebe Dick at LSC' Fri, 5th July, 4pm Sat, 20th July
Sligo IT Graduate Students 'Fine Art Degree Showcase' Fri, 14th June, 4pm Thurs, 20th June
Carl Giffney 'PEINT' Fri, 24th May, 4pm Thurs, 6th June
Niall Walsh - LSC Residency Exhibition 'New Republic - Shelter' Fri, 15th March, 4pm Thurs, 4th April
Various 'Artists in Schools Programme & Manorhamilton Schools Exhibition' Fri, 22nd Feb, 12pm Thurs, 12th March
Various 'LSC Christmas Open Art Exhibition' Fri, 7th Dec, 1pm Fri, 23rd January