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Artist: Helen Sharp, Artist in Residence, 2012/13

Title of Exhibition: 'Museum of the Sentient'

Date: Friday July 26th - Saturday August 10th, 2013

Exhibition Images:



About the Exhibition:

Renovated horse box, drawings, diagrams texts and found objects.

In this project the artist Helen Sharp explores the role animals occupy in our cultural and emotional development. Working with a variety of animals, groups, breeders and farmers, Sharp draws out a portrait of our relationship to animals and the mutual dependencies that shape their different lives. Travelling across North Leitrim in her ‘Museum of the Sentient’, (a reconstructed horse box) the artist taps into the symbiotic connection between humans, animals and the environments they share. By enlisting a range of processes: drawing, recording, meeting and collecting the artist explores the obscurity of being human and the comfort of being animal.

'Man…is a top animal exiled on a tiny speck of a planet in the Milky Way. That is the reason why he does not know himself; he is cosmically isolated. He can only state with certainty that he is no monkey, no bird, no fish, and no tree. But what he positively is remains obscure.' 1.

1. Sabini, M (ed) (2005). The Earth Has A Soul (excerpt from Carl Jung). 2nd ed. California: North Atlantic Books. 13.