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GALLERY OPENING: Friday 10th March, 5-8pm

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Continues until Saturday, 25th March 2017

Water Senses has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around the concept of ‘water memory’ in relation to Glenade Lough, North Leitrim. In developing the project Le Gear has meticulously archived her sensory engagement with the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth. Making a set of seven water remedies from the waters of the Lough, she has created these panaceas from rarities such as the essence of the last brown bears in Ireland and the story of the Dobhar-chú. Implicit in Le Gear’s work is the idea that water is an element deserving of much greater consideration than is currently given by mankind. Water is altered by everything that has passed through it, in its chemical as well as alchemical nature and in its capacity to influence us. These forms and emotions, which have passed through the water, are also held within it. The water and ice remedies that she has created are for the water bodies themselves initially and then in turn for people, promoting healing in both. The water remedies are a way of drawing out the layers of embodied energy that are held within the water itself, each remedy interacting with the energy of the human body in a unique and positive manner.

Water Senses is a boxed publication which contains a unique water remedy, booklet, series of postcards and a map. First edition print of 100.

Ruth will be holding water remedy sessions in the gallery on Monday the 13th and 20th.
The water remedy sessions will work with the Glenade water remedies and the Arctic water remedies.
To book a session please email info@celestialaquatics.com.
All remedy sessions are confidential and there is no charge.

Artist's Biography: Le Gear (b.1985) is an artist based in the North West of Ireland.
A graduate of GMIT CCAM, Le Gear has exhibited solo at Center of Contemporary Art, Gdansk (2015) Polar Forces: universe of an iceberg at Leitrim Sculpture Centre and Cork Film Centre (2013). Water that Sleeps at Galway Arts Centre (2009)

Group shows include ET SI ON S'ETAIT TROMPÉ at the Centre Cultural Irelandais (2015) Contemporary Art at Tell in the university of St.Gallen, Switzerland (2014) Eight Gallery, Dublin (2014), Crystalline at the Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown (2012) and Ev+a (2008)

Residencies include Land Arts of the American West and SFAI (2016) CCA Laznia (2014), Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2013), Arctic Circle (2012), Fire Station Artists' Studios (2011) Iceland (SIM, 2012/09) Cill Rialig, ( 2011) Tyrone Guthrie (2010) and Limerick City Gallery of Art (2008).

See more at Ruth's Website: www.ruthlegear.com

LSC Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 4pm.
Doors open at front of house from Thursday to Saturday, exhibition can be viewed by calling into reception on other days.

Water Senses is supported by the Arts Council's Arts and Disability Connect Scheme managed by Arts and Disability Ireland. This project was developed with the kind support of Leitrim Sculpture Centre, The Model, Sligo and Leitrim County Council.


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Sat 25 & Sun 26 March 2017
Photopolymer and Photo-etching Print Techniques (Foundation)
Tutor: Johnny Bulger.
Cost: €180
Photopolymer printmaking utilises a light activated printmaking plate that is etched without the need for acid and produces results similar to the 19th century photographic process of photogravure. You will use ready-made Japanese 'Solarplates' that are exposed to an image and the image is 'etched' into the plastic layer and developed in a mild soda solution. More Info

Sat 1 & Sun 2 April 2017
Traditional Printmaking Relief/Block Printing Workshop
Tutor: Deirdre Nolan.
Cost: €150
This course will demonstrate the techniques of relief printmaking using the lino block, and MDF. Over a two-day workshop transferring the image to the block, use of tools, blind embossing, chine colle, inking up and printing on the press and by hand will be shown. More Info

Sat 1 & Sun 2 April 2017
Welding Workshop
Tutor: Michael O’Hara.
Cost: €190
The module was designed to introduce the student to Metal Crafts, which they can apply to their own requirements. Introduction to cutting and grinding techniques and uses of hacksaw; files; drills; hammers; grinders; chop-saw; sanders. Demonstrated competence in MMA/Arc welding including different weld joints – butt weld, lap weld and T-fillet. Students also attempt similar joints through the TIG welding process. More Info

Sat 22 & Sun 23 April 2017
Vernacular Carpentry Workshop
Tutor: Niall Walsh.
Cost: €130                  
Participants will use locally sourced hazel and willow to construct simple stools and benches. Walsh will lead the group through the process of locating the raw materials and using hand tools to make furniture in the style of the ‘cottage’ tradition. This is a workshop in sustainability and will outline how the skill taught can be used to make a range of furniture and forms from the locality. Students come with sturdy boots for walking in the wood. More Info

Sat 29 April to Monday 1 May 2017
Stone Carving Workshop
Tutor: Jackie McKenna.
Cost: €180
Students will be introduced to the principles of stone carving and design, the identification and uses of different stone and the use of hand tools. Each student will design and carve a simple form that they can take home with them. Students should come with sturdy boots. For beginners to intermediate. More Info

Sat 29 & Sun 30 April 2017
Sand Casting In Aluminium Workshop
Tutor: Kate Oram.
Cost: €130
Discover the ancient technique of sandcasting, see examples of what you can make, learn how to make a master pattern and then cast it in aluminium and then how to finish it. Advice on suitable patterns (flat-backed or two-part, with no undercuts) will be emailed to you.  Everyday and found objects (bones, shells, nuts, household items) can lend themselves nicely to moulding, as well as your original sculpted patterns.More Info

Sat 6 & Sun 7 May 2017
Stone Lettercutting Workshop
Tutor: Seamus Dunbar. Cost: €120
Cutting inscriptions in stone is an important part of the stone-carvers craft that has been elevated to an art form in its own right. This module teaches calligraphic and typographic design in combination with precise sculptural skills. Participants will learn to identify and understand the tools required for stone cut lettering, gain an appreciation of basic letter proportions and layout and a will cut a name or short inscription (12 characters maximum) in stone. Students come with: sketchpad and basic drawing/writing materials.More Info