Located in the market town of Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim, the Leitrim Sculpture Centre is a major resource for the advancement of skills and knowledge in traditional, contemporary and experimental visual arts.

LSC supports the material practices of artists and furthers creative engagement with the wider contexts of place and community.

CURRENT EXHIBITION: 'Spaces of Sound and Radio Spaces'

Opening Reception: Friday 14th November at 5pm

O Keeffe’s latest exhibition Spaces of Sound and Radio Spaces explores the sonification of memories. The work stems from a research PhD, which examined, in part, how the soundscape of the 1950s and 1960s, including music and the radio, played a significant role in shaping Dublin teenagers’ social lives, as well as their experience of urban space.  Her current practice examines the natural and mediated construction of urban soundscapes both as an art practice and as an object of social theory.  Previous works deal with sound design and representations of sound as physical presences within architectural and exterior spaces as well as ‘historical spaces’ preserved through the radio and its early use.  All these sonic investigations have evolved to include imagined spaces, the sonic spaces of communities, as well as environmental ‘soundscapes’ shaped by top down approaches to urban design.  More Info

Gallery opening times -  11am-4pm.
Thursday to Saturday - Doors open at front of house.
Tuesday and Wednesday - Go first to central reception at the side of the building.

Exhibition runs until Sat 29th November.

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Bronze Pour (from M1 And M2)
Dates: Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd November 10am - 5pm         
Trainer: Kate Oram and Keith Seybert.
Fee: €340
Participants: 8

Students from refractory mouldmaking and those with existing moulds ready to be poured are brought together for different Bronze Pour days. Techniques in preparing moulds and pouring hot bronze are demonstrated and the safe operation of the bronze furnace and cooling and opening casts is covered. Students should come with sturdy boots. More info

Stone Lettercutting
Dates: Sat 29th – Sun 30th November 10am - 5pm         
Trainer: Seamus Dunbar
Fee: €190
Participants: 8

Cutting inscriptions in stone is an important part of the stone-carvers craft that has been elevated to an art form in its own right. This module teaches calligraphic and typographic design in combination with precise sculptural skills. Participants will learn to identify and understand the tools required for stone cut lettering, gain an appreciation of basic letter proportions and layout. More info