Located in the market town of Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim, the Leitrim Sculpture Centre is a major resource for the advancement of skills and knowledge in traditional, contemporary and experimental visual arts.

LSC supports the material practices of artists and furthers creative engagement with the wider contexts of place and community.

CURRENT EXHIBITION: 'The Artificial Magic of the Wondrous Effects of Optics Through Direct Vision' - Elizabeth McTiernan
translated from Jean-François Niceron's treatise on perspective, La perspective curieuse ou Magie artificielle des effets merveilleux de l'optique par la vision directe [1638]

Opening Reception: 5-8pm, Friday 10th October

Using geological and astronomical events as found footage of the world, artist Elizabeth McTernan constructs a space that is both literal and literary, staging reality in what she calls non-vicarious encounters. Her aim is to create a narrative structure for the reconsideration of perception and measurement. The art works navigate representational and conceptual rifts in the Earthling day-to-day via direct bodily gesture in the liminal passages of temporal geographies and the giant map that is human Knowledge.

Within the context of this exhibition, the artist uses 'life-size' drawings and installations to dissolve the space between map and territory, posing the question: Is there such thing as direct vision – unmediated, embodied knowledge? If so, what are its limits? More Info

Exhibition runs until 30th Oct.

Gallery opening times -  11am-4pm.
Thursday to Saturday - Doors open at front of house.
Tuesday and Wednesday - Go first to central reception at the side of the building.

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Free Hand Sketching
Dates: Sat 25th – Sun 26th October 10am - 5pm         
Trainer: Mary Byrne
Fee: €130
Participants: 8

This course includes hand drawing techniques with pencil & ink, studying light and shade. Explore the use of shadows, line, tone, texture, form, scale and composition. Observational sketching exercises for design development. Studying objects and buildings where the learner will explore the spatial qualities of their subject.

Reproduction Moulding For Artists & Architects
Dates: Wed 29th – Thur 30th October 10am - 5pm         
Trainer: Keith Alan Seybert
Fee: €260
Participants: 8

For reproducing objects -first in rubber moulds which may then be used for cold-casting using for example concrete, plaster, resin etc. or for generating a wax ready for refractory investment at later date. This workshop will cover a variety of reproduction mould making techniques, from traditional multi-part plaster Moulds, Dental Alginate, Cheap plumber's silicone sealant moulds, up to and including fibre glass backed silicone rubber production moulds.