Located in the market town of Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim, the Leitrim Sculpture Centre is a major resource for the advancement of skills and knowledge in traditional, contemporary and experimental visual arts.

LSC supports the material practices of artists and furthers creative engagement with the wider contexts of place and community.

CURRENT: 'The Cutting Rooms II' by Mary T. Keown

Opening Reception: 5pm on Friday 5th Sept
at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton

In 1997 Mary Theresa Keown initiated The Cutting Rooms, an exhibition of paintings that experimented with the role of collage in painting. Such a process lended itself to the idea of crossbreeding languages and invited different motivations for editing, composition and surface treatment. 

Using the analogy of cinematic production to post-production Keown designed The Cutting Rooms II in a more expansive way by displaying different bodies of more recent work in five separate rooms: the Mimetic room, the Diptych room, the Narrative room, the Liquin room and the Post-Mortem room. 

Each room expresses a different motivation that is concerned with the make-up of an image and the process of painting. The sequence of Keown's work begins with post-production methods and then examines diverse processes and production techniques ending with a summation of the state of painting, it's possibilities and limitations. More Info

Exhibition runs until 25th Sept.

Gallery opening times -  11am-4pm.
Thursday to Saturday - Doors open at front of house.
Tuesday and Wednesday - Go first to central reception at the side of the building. .

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Workshop In Vernacular Carpentry 
Dates: Sat 20th- Sun 21st September 10am - 5pm         
Trainer: Niall Walsh
Fee: €170
Participants: 8

Participants will use locally sourced hazel and willow to construct simple stools and benches. Walsh will lead the group through the process of locating the raw materials and using hand tools to make furniture in the style of the ‘cottage’ tradition. This is a workshop in sustainability and will outline how the skill taught can be used to make a range of furniture and forms from the locality. Students come with: sturdy boots for walking in the wood