Located in the market town of Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim, the Leitrim Sculpture Centre is a major resource for the advancement of skills and knowledge in traditional, contemporary and experimental visual arts.

LSC supports the material practices of artists and furthers creative engagement with the wider contexts of place and community.

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: "FRACTURED THINKING" An Artist Residency Project by Brian Connolly.

GALLERY OPENING: Friday 29th July, 2016, 5 - 8pm

Exhibition continues until Thursday 18th August.

About the Exhibition: Connolly's practice encompasses process based sculptural works, objects and performative events both inside and outside the gallery space. In his most recent series of works the Belfast based artist distills across varying scales the causes and affects of risk and uncertainty that occur at the fragile interface of humans and nature.

As the present exhibition sets out to expose, this fragility and uncertainty is nowhere more disturbingly encountered than in the process of 'geological fracturing' for the purpose of extracting gas. Exhibition works such as 'Fence Diagram', 'Fractured Landscape', 'Complex Studio Landscapes' and 'Fracture' dramatize how pressurized liquid pollutants might travel, and pose a threat, to rock strata, water aquifers and surface life-forms exposed to its unpredictable affects. Both a meditation on the artist's own experience of fracking, which threatened his home county of North Antrim, and a timely warning against unbridled quasi-scientific confidence in its safety - Connolly's exhibition re-enacts and embodies the unpredictability and risk immanent to the fracking process.

The project is informed by independent scientific studies of Fracking sourced at Duke, Stanford and Durham Universities and links up with local communities affected by the plans for fracking in the North West Carboniferous Basin of Leitrim, Fermanagh and Cavan including the local 'LOVE LEITRIM' campaigners. In addition, Connolly has granted part of the gallery space to the Young Friends of the Earth campaigners from Dublin who, along with the artist and Love Leitrim, are trying to raise awareness about the potential risks of chemical fracking and its incompatibility with the community of life forms it comes in to contact with.

About the Artist: Connolly has created Performance Art Works across the world from Europe, Canada, Mexico, to China, as well as exhibitions across Europe. He has remained committed to the instigation of Artist Led Projects and the establishment of International Artists Networks via such International projects as: Available Resources, Derry, 1991, Irish Days II, Poland, 1994, Exchange Resources, Belfast 1995, In Place of Passing – via Bbeyond 2005. Connolly established The Glass Box Performance Art Project 2011 & 2012, leading to The Belfast International Festival of Performance Art 2013 - 2015 at University of Ulster, Belfast. Some of these events were exchanges, 'residential' or 'symposia' in format, and were designed to engender communication between a range of divergent artists as well as new audiences.

Connolly is a founding member and former chair of Bbeyond, which has initiated a wide range of events both nationally and internationally, and was board member of organizations such as the Sculptors Society of Ireland, The Association of Artists Ireland, Circa Art Magazine, The Project Art Centre and FlaxArt Studios. He was selected as the first Northern Ireland Artist Representative for the Visual Artists Ireland between 2006-08; has acted as an Artistic Advisor for the London/Derry Development Office 1995 -98 and established Moyle Art for Public Places in 2001. He has also created a range of public artworks throughout Ireland since 1990.

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 4pm.
Doors open at front of house from Thursday to Saturday, exhibition can be viewed by calling into reception on other days.

Refreshments available

Everybody welcome.


Leitrim Sculpture Centre North West Summer Open 2016 Call for Submissions

Leitrim Sculpture Centre invites artists based in the North West of Ireland to submit work for our Summer Open.

The exhibition will take place in the LSC Gallery on New Line, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim and will launch at 12pm Friday 26 August, with the show running until Sunday 4 September. The show will coincide with the Five Glens Arts Festival on the same weekend.

To view the full details of the NWO2016 please click here.



Sat 30th July - Mon 1st August
Tutor: Jackie McKenna.
Students will be introduced to the principles of stone carving and design, the identification and uses of different stone and the use of hand tools. Each student will design and carve a simple form that they can take home with them. Students should come with sturdy boots. For beginners to intermediate. More info                 

Sat 30th - Sun 31st July
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert.
Cost: €260
For reproducing objects -first in rubber moulds which may then be used for cold-casting using for example concrete, plaster, resin etc. or for generating a wax ready for refractory investment at later date. More info   

Mon 1st - Wed 3rd August
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert.
Cost: €260
This in depth workshop covers the theory and techniques used in hot casting either bronze or glass. Tips for wax working, (pour cups, spewing, gating, and venting) investment type refractory mould construction approaches (face-coats {brush on & splash}, Roman or Italian hand built, cores and poured monolithic) will be discussed with an aim towards enabling participants to "customize" their approach to fit their vision. More info 

Sat 6th - Sun 7th August
Tutor: Michael O'Hara.
Cost: €200
The module was designed to introduce the student to Metal Crafts, which they can apply to their own requirements. Introduction to cutting and grinding techniques and uses of hacksaw; files; drills; hammers; grinders; chop-saw; sanders. More info 

Sat 13th - Sun 14th August
Tutor: Michael Budd.
This course teaches you basic forging techniques to create sculptural forms. Students should come with sturdy boots. Suitable for beginners. More info 

Sat 20th - Sun 21th August
Tutor: Deirdre Nolan.
This course will provide an introduction to etching and is suitable for beginners and those with some previous experience who would like to refresh their knowledge and improve their basic skills. Basic etching techniques including dry-point, etching using soft and hard ground will be covered. Students will experiment with both aluminium and copper. For beginners to intermediate. More info